September 27, 2017

The Ritual

The upcoming movie The Ritual has my design work in it (including the big spooky thing responsible for all the happenings).

The director David Bruckner was brilliant, and really amazing to work with.  Here's an interview with him about the film: Director David Bruckner Talks The Ritual
And a preview describing the movie: TIFF 2017: The Ritual

Looks like it's showing October 13th in the UK.  It's been bought by Netflix, so still not sure on what distribution in other territories will be like.


  1. YES, it looks really good, can't wait to see the spookyboi

  2. Very cool, look forward to seeing the movie!

  3. Just watched it! I absolutely love it! And your design is beautiful and refreshing. I'm hoping to see your concepts and original designs of it soon!

    1. Thanks! I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Will wait a little while before showing the art so that people get a chance to see it fresh in the movie first.

  4. Hey Keith! Wanted to say beautiful work on the design of the creature for this! The use of silhouette versus the anatomy up close is very interesting, I would definitely love to pick your brain about it and some of the other projects you've worked on more if you wouldn't mind?

  5. Just finished the film and found you in the credits. Immediately wanted to drop by show love for that great fucking monster. As someone else said, cannot wait to see the concepts! If you had a hand in the symbology and other creature designs (esp. in the attic), those are stellar too. Super lovely work, man!

  6. Beautiful!! I flipped when I saw your name! Fantastic movie and fantastic creature design!!

  7. I really love this creature design. Excellent work!