July 24, 2012

Apollonian Drop Frame

The accident on the Apollo 21 Lab Station couldn't be contained. Rescue missions sent to the station disaster hurriedly collected the lab's most recent studies of the sun's relations to a quantum vacuum. Unexpectedly the teams broke all protocol and transmitted this data openly and unencrypted. The data was a garbled mess of obscure information and bizarrely outdated language. What could be gleaned from it though were very clear specifications for angles and spectral configurations for viewing specific parts of the sun. Attempts of following these directions using remote viewing from earth through space telescopes ruined the orbital equipment. All other manned orbital stations that attempted it immediately cut off their contact with the earth.
After a prolonged silence the medley of military presences in orbit unleashed themselves unilaterally unto the earth. Orbital kinetic bombardment weapons carved strange symbols across the earth's surface. The attacks on heavily populated areas however were primarily carried out by manned reentry drop-frames: armed suits intended for quick reaction force insertion. Millions of these orbital drop frames blazed through the atmosphere, unfurling into their squat insectoid shapes upon landing. The were covered in hastily painted glyphs. Downed drop frames always proved to have dead pilots hanging limply within.
Their only communications were being piped back and forth between the millions of drop frames: an endless loop of a synthesized voice saying
"Burn a path to earth. Prepare them for the Sun's arrival."

July 09, 2012

Pacific Rim

Starting over a year ago I've been designing on Guillermo Del Toro's upcoming movie Pacific Rim. It's about humanity fighting off a Kaiju apocalypse with giant robots called Jaegers.  There should be some cool stuff to show soon from Comic-Con 2012.   My work on the movie wrapped up last week and I should now have more time to post new things.