April 04, 2011

At The Mountains of Madness

During the past half year I've been designing on Guillermo Del Toro's At The Mountains of Madness.

Now that the film is sadly on hold, my schedule will allow me to start up a blog.   Here I can cover what I'm up to and show things I've created or have been inspired by.

The huge amount of development completed for Mountains was full of things that defied description.   Dennis Muren (Industrial Light and Magic) had said "Do you realize nobody has ever seen monsters like this, ever?"  With James Cameron producing it was guaranteed the vistas would have been horrifically mind bending in 3D.

It was creatively euphoric working in the amazing team of artists that Guillermo put together:


And then there's the guy at the helm, with the vision of the whole thing, Guillermo Del Toro.  It's always a thrill to work on any of his projects.

All of the artists' works featured here are, of course, not from the film's production.  Those cyclopean stacks of unutterable visions will remain hidden away from human eyes, waiting a little longer to be unleashed into our fragile reality.