October 25, 2022


I'm the lead concept designer on the new Hellraiser (2022) movie now available on Hulu.  It was another great time working with director David Bruckner (The Ritual, The Night House).  

I'm going to post some of the design work here, but if you haven't seen the movie on Hulu, I highly recommend seeing it first if you can (I think streaming availability outside the US is still being sorted out).  You can watch the trailer here.

Hell Priest (Pinhead)




Originally we were going to have Weeper split far more at one point and crawl along the ground in this manner.

We got quite far along in this, but had to cut it at the last minute unfortunately.  Here's a progression showing the splitting.




Voight's Transformation

The Loom

Apparition showing the nature of Matt's resurrection


Portrait of the Hell Priest

The Cenobites

More things to show eventually including different Cenobites, and alternative ideas that never made it in.  Also a lot of other movies, tv shows and games.


  1. absolutely amazing work, thank you for showing us!

  2. I have been absolutely HYPNOTIZED by the beauty of these designs. The Asphyx is my favorite but they are all stunning.

  3. I've only been holding out for the huge website update since 2018.

  4. tbh, I genuinely thought you were dead. thank god I was wrong. so you can't update your website because you are sooo busy?

  5. Truly incredible designs, I'm embarrassed it took seeing this for it to click because it's so distinctively your work. Is Masque at all influenced by the Mysterious Stranger/Satan design in Adventures of Mark Twain? Jamie Clayton's Hell Priest voice also felt somewhat reminiscent of that so I was curious if it was at all discussed during development or if it was just a coincidence.

  6. I just finished the movie and had to track you down to comment. Wow. Wow wow wow. I am floored by your concept art and the final project. The mix of artistry and body horror? Stunning. It's so inspiring and am absolutely floored.