August 26, 2013

Triadultus and Thanks!

Big thanks to everyone who voted for me in the Imagine FX favorite artists poll, landing me in second place!

Congrats to ImagineFx for reaching their 100th issue.  The Favorite Artists is covered in the Special Edition Supplement of the 100th issue:  

And here is that being I promised to complete for everyone as thanks:

The Triadultus have only made contact once.  Despite extreme reserve and secrecy in every other manner, their delegates arranged to meet in person at the First Contact Summit.  

Most of what can be postulated about the Triadultus is gleaned from exhaustive analysis of the physiology and behaviour of the delegates.  Notably they appear to be a colonial organism comprised of three distinct individual organisms. One organism comprises the base or "foot" of the body, and appears to be whole despite a physically intrusive interface with a lightweight synthetic trunk.  The two other partners in the entity appear to be cut down to a head and a single arm each.  

Communication at the summit was sparse and confused.  The Triadultus, despite initially appearing confident, became disoriented with their surroundings and uncomfortable with the human delegates.  Finely tuned questions and discussions-points from the Earth Plenipotentiary Peace Commission evidently disturbed the Triadultus representatives; revealing they were under the belief and experience that they physically resembled the homo sapiens they were meeting in every apparent measure.  The summit was cut short.  No followup communications with humanity have occurred since.


  1. This. Is. Epic. I love it, man!

  2. As I was showing someone your site they wanted me to tell you that your art work is excellent. Irreverent really, but I'm just here to message you for a friend.

  3. I am not going to lie to you Keith, ever since I read Leviathan I have been of the opinion that you and Graham Base are the two greatest illustrators in the world, keep it up! Oh and by the way, you're little back story footnotes are brilliant, have you ever considered writing a novel yourself? I know that conversations and characters are difficult but you have world building down perfectly!

  4. are you planning on updating the site or blog soon?

  5. @Robert, I've been saving everything for a huge update coming this year. The site will be revamped and updated with a ton of work and news, and the blog should hopefully be more integrated into the site proper. It's taking ages because interesting projects keep delaying me. Thanks for the patience.

  6. Not to offend you, but are you still working on that huge update for your site/blog soon? I haven't seen you update the site in a while, and I was worried something had happened