April 04, 2011

At The Mountains of Madness

During the past half year I've been designing on Guillermo Del Toro's At The Mountains of Madness.

Now that the film is sadly on hold, my schedule will allow me to start up a blog.   Here I can cover what I'm up to and show things I've created or have been inspired by.

The huge amount of development completed for Mountains was full of things that defied description.   Dennis Muren (Industrial Light and Magic) had said "Do you realize nobody has ever seen monsters like this, ever?"  With James Cameron producing it was guaranteed the vistas would have been horrifically mind bending in 3D.

It was creatively euphoric working in the amazing team of artists that Guillermo put together:


And then there's the guy at the helm, with the vision of the whole thing, Guillermo Del Toro.  It's always a thrill to work on any of his projects.

All of the artists' works featured here are, of course, not from the film's production.  Those cyclopean stacks of unutterable visions will remain hidden away from human eyes, waiting a little longer to be unleashed into our fragile reality.


  1. I was already excited for this movie, but now you're telling me you AND Wayne Barlowe were involved?


  2. I'm excited for this blog, to see and read what you are up too! You are a big inspiration to me. Thanks for creating great things! :)


  3. OMG this equation is unbelievable!
    Keith Thompson + James Cameron + H. P. Lovecraft =
    Breathtaking, Extraordinary, Staggering!

    Thank you so much for making this Blog! I would have never known that you were working on something like this. Now I have something to really look forward to in the movie department!
    That is so cool!


  4. Big fan of your work, I'm looking forward to see how your blog progresses.


  5. James cameron on something that won't suck like Avatar did?
    GDT on something amazing... again?
    Keith Thompson and a bunch of other awesome artists?
    This is going to be the best movie in a long time

  6. so happy to hear you're working on this! also, very pleased that the blog is going to be seeing some regular updates. Any chance at new artwork for the gallery?

  7. This is really awesome.
    Now that I know, that you are involved in the concept work for this, I'm looking forward even more to this movie.
    Please keep this Blog running :)

  8. I was pretty hyped about this movie and it's kinda sad to see Del Toro having such a bad luck streak first with the Hobbit and now his pet project. I hope it get rejuvenated.

  9. Fantastic news! You would have been my first pick for anything Lovecraftian. Your work is always a tantalizing mixture of the alluring and the grotesque, just as Lovecraft's universe was as terrifying as it was beautiful. Congrats!

  10. It's really cool that you are involved into this film making! Like this story by Lovecraft very much. Alas, the film will be produced "who-knows-when", but as this film will be made by Guillermo Del Toro - think, it will be never before seen Lovecraft screen version in addition to your amazing works which allways were realted for me to Lovecraft and Bosch. Hope, we'll see this great film and your works in it. Keith, I wish you lots of interesting and fruitful work in future!!!

  11. Thanks everyone! I'll fit in as many posts as I can when I have time away from artwork.

    @ Toop Toop
    So much of my work in the past years has been confidential so it's all hidden away until the game or movie comes out. I do have a few independent pieces that should show up on the site soon though.

  12. I always thought the Lovecraftian influence in your work was unmistakable. I tend to think that it is close to impossible to translate Lovecraft´s horrors into film, but hearing that you are working on it makes it a lot more interesting. Good work.

  13. I can't wait for them to let you guys release your concept art. I've been wanting to see a movie of MoM ever since seeing that Barlowe illustration as a little kid. It's kind of amazing how the aliens of early visionaries like H.G. Wells and H.P. Lovecraft were so much more unearthly and bizarre than most of the beasts that grace the screens these days. Murren was right, people really haven't seen anything this wild. It's been almost nothing but bipedal, binocular humanoids, even after CGI removed pretty much all physical boundaries on production. After seeing the magic you worked with your Deep One Tiara, I can hardly imagine the hellish visions you cooked up for the film!


    Holy crap, I'm going to die of excitement.