January 29, 2011

Planet Apocalypse Kickstarter

A Kickstarter for the Planet Apocalypse board game just went live.


  1. Dear Keith

    Really like your new works for tabletop game Planet Apocalypse (will even support it due to your works for this game) - stunning art indeed (I'm also a big fan of Bosch and Peter Breigel). Wanted to ask - will your website be reopened sometimes in future (I understand that you have a lot of work for now)?

    Best regards,


    1. Dear Sergey,

      Thanks for your support. It was good fun to really play around with the medieval demonic imagery.
      Constantly delaying on updating the site is rough (the longer I leave it the more art piles up which makes the job bigger). But the new site should be more suited to expansive content like more writing and more accompanying sketches, alternate views, and such. It will happen, and it'll be a relief to return to showing all the new art again.